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While creating a new Earth-2 sub-site, I noticed something odd: whenever a page would load, another URL would briefly flash across the very bottom of the browser. What perplexed me even more was that this address led to a "provider of fully-integrated, ASP-based ads...."

Now I was pissed: I had no clue how this had happened, what kind of information was being collected and who was potentially making money off my visitors -- you guys!

After digging a little further I found that it was my fault.

Back in November I added some Java coding to the site -- coding I found elsewhere and was told was free to use. Thing is, I didn't look at it very carefully. Well, hidden in there were two little lines which caused this mess.

It's all fixed now, but I wanted to come clean with you guys. Check your machines. Run virus scans. See if anything looking like or leading to this site -- a.as-us.falkag.net -- comes up, and clear it from your system(s) if it does.

- Mike

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