Saint of Killers v Wolverine



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The Saint is so tough he's kicked a tank, and stood at Ground Zero of a nuclear blast and survived. (Afterwards he quipped, "Not enough gun.") To top that off, he's killed both The Devil and God!

Wolverine, of course, has the Adamantium skeleton, razor-sharp claws that can cut through anything, has survived a bazooka blast in the abdomen and so much more.

If these two squared off, who would take the cake?

Place: Somewhere in southwest America

Conditions: Normal

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After staying up all night reading about Preacher, I can say without much doubt The Saint of Killers would win, for several reasons.

-He's already dead

-Because he's dead, he's completely invulnerable (ie. the ground zero incident)

-His guns never miss, never empty, and will kill anyone he shoots. Even God Himself. Unless Wolverine can sneak up on him, knock his guns away and dismember him in under five seconds, he hasn't much hope.

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