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I'm not much of a writer, but I just finished the Transformers script a few minutes ago, and I wanted to do this while it's still fresh.

The first voice you hear is Optimus Prime. It then goes into the past, with a robot found incased in ice. Cut to present, and the action takes no time in starting, with 2 decepticons destroying a military base in Quatar.

The biggest questions I had about the movie were answered pretty quickly. Why do they transform into vehicles? Why is Bumblebee not a VW? Will it stray too far from the comics and cartoons I grew up with?

1.The robots scan the first mechanical thing they see when they arrive on earth, then transform into it.

2.Bumblebee saw a camero first.

3.Yes, but it's ok, because it's good.

The personalities are exactly like I remember. Prime is the leader that won't harm innocents. Ironhide is a soldier, and doesn't care if he has to hurt humans to finish the mission, but respects Prime as his leader. Bumblebee loves humans, and wants to befriend them. Megatron wants to rule the universe.

The Transformers themselves are going to be awsome. I can't wait to see Soundwave onscreen. He is still a boombox by the way. The Ipod is in a different scene that explains what the energon cube is. Soundwave is 4 and a half feet tall, and paper thin. Think of a paper doll, and that's what he is like.

Bumblebee - Camero - can't speak, so he communicates through songs on the radio

Optimus Prime -Big Rig- Leader of the Autobots. Believes humans are worth saving. Doesn't have a trailer as far as I know.

Jazz -convertible Pontiac Solstice - Prime's first lieutenant

Ironhide - black jacked up pickup - A soldier through and through. Blunt, and to the point.

Ratchet - ambulance - The medical officer, and chief emissary to the high council of ancients.

Megatron - space ship - Leader of the Decepticons. He wants to rule the universe. Optimus Prime's brother.

Vortex - MH-53 helicopter - The first one you'll see. He destroys the base in Quatar, and carries Scorpinok on his back.

Scorpinok - scorpion - He has no alternate form. He can move fast under sand.

Soundwave - boombox - small and thin, with deadly metal disks as weapons. We first see him on Air Force 1. He summons the other Decepticons.

Starscream - F-22 Raptor - He sits back during fights and picks off others from a distance or when an opportunity presents itself he'll fight. He runs when he is outnumbered.

Devastator - M-1 Abrams tank - He fights like a tank, and shoots from a distance. He is very powerful.

Bonecrusher - military mine clearing vehicle - Has steel mandibles on his grill. Also powerful.

There are some things that are predictable. Sam Witwicky likes Mikaela, but she is popular, and dates a popular jock blah blah blah. We have seen this a million times, and know how it's going to end. Her character is pointless, and is only there to have a hot girl in the movie.

The fights are going to be the most spectacular things you have ever seen, if they can pull them off. Heads, legs, and arms getting ripped off while pulse blasts are shooting from arms turned into guns. This isn't the cartoon, people and robots do die, and kids will cry over it.

I'm very happy with the script, and anyone who knows me knows I was hating this movie from what they have announced(and what has leaked). The vehicle forms make sense. Even Megatron's space craft makes sense when you think about the fact that he never had a chance to scan anything, and he's been frozen since 1897.

The bad stuff:

It seems really short. It reads about 90 minutes, when it should be around 2 hours.

Product placement is fine when used right, but when it's used in every scene it feels cheap. Apple must have paid alot of money to get at least 3 of their products in the movie.

Not enough Megatron. He doesn't do anything until the third act. He kills an autobot in a badass way, then goes down too easy, and not by Prime.

Plot holes up the A-hole. BumbleBee had his voice box destroyed in a past battle, but his legs and arms can fix themselves with nano technology?

****One thing to note is that the script I have is from Feburary, and some things have changed since then. They seem to have added two Decepticons. Barricade and Frenzy. I belive Barricade is a construction vehicle. I don't know about Frenzy.

EDIT: Soundwave will not be in the movie, and Frenzy took his place. I heard they couldn't justify making him an IPod, so they just changed him to Frenzy instead.

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