Civil War: Open Letters to the President


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Marvel's companywide event, Civil War, has sparked not only national attention and speculation as to the outcome, but also great debate amongst its readership. Is the Superhuman Registration Act beneficial to the nation, does it strip superpowered humans of their freedoms? Those are just two of the concerns raised in the following letters to Marvel's fictional George W. Bush.

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Interesting article. Both sides basically summed up the main arguements of Civil War pretty well. I wonder if Marvel's done anything like this so far, showing the ordainary persons reaction to the events of Civil War.

Also I just thought about how cool it'd be if around the time Civil War 1 came out a full on debate between Pro-Reg and Anti-Reg people was held weighing up the good and bad sides of both arguements. Probably with Anti-Reg coming off as clear good guys in the conflict now there isn't that much of a point in one now though.

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