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Mr. Keith

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Alright, so I was skimming through the board. Trying to come up with a topic to bring up or just something to do for this site. I came from looking at the top ten people who have posted on this forum when I noticed something.

Most users ever online was 71 on Jul 6 2006, 06:48 AM

Wait, what? I remember when we had about ten or twenty people who visited this site at the same time. But over seventy?? What happened on that day for so many people to have jumped on like that?

Yeah, it's a pretty meaningless question. But I'm curious what brought everyone here that day.

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That was a sudden influx of spider-bots. Every once in a while the board stats will read something like:

26 user(s) active in the past 15 minutes

19 guests, 6 members 1 anonymous members

A handful of the guests are lurkers, but the rest are bots archiving the site.

I think the most real members (and lurkers) I've seen on the site at one time was something like 30-ish.

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I think I know what those are, that's like the google bot people were asking about on the Oratory. But that certainly was a huge amount of bots to have jumped on at once. Oh well, least were popular with the group of non-humans.

Now I wish I posted this in the Banter Forums, I have the urge to lock something right now. :shakehead:

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