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Mike Richardson Wants You to Join the Dark Horse Army

Updated for 2004!

Think you have what it takes to make it in comics? Do you have a burning desire to write and/or draw comics? Do you feel you possess a unique vision for what comics can be? Do you have an exciting, original idea that you can’t believe nobody has thought of before? The Dark Horse Comics’ New Recruits program is your chance to present your work to a publisher -- someone with the power to make your comics dreams a reality!

Ask any working professional what the hardest part of working in comics is, and they’re bound to tell you that it’s breaking in. Getting an editor -- or, better yet, a publisher -- to look at your work takes determination, patience, and sometimes a great deal of luck. Here’s where Dark Horse can help: we guarantee that (provided you follow the guidelines below) publisher Mike Richardson will personally review your proposal!

Dark Horse “New Recruits” Submission Guidelines

We’re looking for finished proposals -- story and art -- from writer-artists or writer-and-artist teams who have a story to tell. Writers with story proposals without an artist attached, or artists wishing to submit art-only samples for consideration, should go through Dark Horse’s standard submissions process (click here for those guidelines) The Dark Horse New Recruits program is for writer-artists or writer-and-artist teams who have original, story-and-art proposals only. Your proposal may be for a series of any length, but keep in mind the realities of publishing: a shorter story (one- to four-issues in length) will usually have a better chance of seeing publication than a longer one.

What to Submit

1. If you’re proposing a four-issue series, it’s not necessary that all four issues be completed, but you should have at least ten consecutive pages of the first issue completed, plus a concise outline of the rest of the story. The more of your story that you can show, the better. You need not provide a cover illustration for your proposal if you feel that single-illustrations are not your strong suit.

Remember, this is an opportunity that may never come around again, so put your best foot forward. The more complete your story, the better your chances. Make sure you’re submitting clean, readable copies of your work (never send original art), and that your name and phone number are on each page. Elaborate binders or folders are not necessary, as Mike will be reviewing your work -- not its package.

2. Each proposal must be accompanied by a completed New Recruits Official Entry Form, signed by all parties involved in the proposed story. The entry form is necessary for Dark Horse to read your submission. Proposals without completed entry forms will be returned unread. Entry forms will be available at all proposal drop-off locations at this year’s conventions, or you can download a printable Official Entry Form from the button at left.

3. Each proposal must be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope large enough -- and with sufficient postage -- to return the proposal to you. We cannot guarantee that proposals without a self-addressed, stamped envelope will be returned.

4. Place your proposal, Submission Agreement, and self-addressed, stamped envelope together in a securely sealed envelope. Make sure that your name and address and the words “New Recruit” are written on the envelope.

You can drop off your proposals at the “Recruiting Station” at the Dark Horse Comics booth at the following conventions: Wizard World L.A. (March 19-21, Long Beach, CA), Comic-Con International (July 22-25, San Diego, CA) or Wizard World (August 13-15, Rosemont, IL).

If you cannot make it to one of the above conventions, don’t despair! You may also mail your proposal (along with a completed entry form and a self-addressed, stamped envelope) to:

New Recruits

Dark Horse Comics

10956 SE Main St.

Milwaukie, OR 97222

The New Recruits program ends December 31, 2004.

Note: Mr. Richardson will review proposals at his Dark Horse offices, not at the conventions.


Entry form: Download the New Recruits Official Entry Form here!

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