Reel Dread - Moronic / Iconic, Part Four: Raise a Little Hell


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Both stylistically and conceptually, Pinhead of the Hellraiser series is one of the most intriguing characters in horror cinema. While he may not have the household name recognition of Jason or Freddy, I would argue that visually he is as recognizable as a hockey mask-wearing killing machine or a gloved burn victim. Pinhead and his cadre of demonic sadists, called the Cenobites, have always been supporting characters in their own films. Like the aforementioned horror icons, this is the best way to portray a monster. It is only when the focus of the film is put on the monster, rather than the people pursued by said monster, when poor movies are guaranteed. In the strange case of the Cenobites, this has never changed and yet they still have lost their way.

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