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IGNcube today learned that Canada-based development studio Silicon Knights has ended its second-party status with Nintendo Co. Ltd. The company will effective immediately be allowed to develop software for multiple consoles including Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation platforms.

Though no official reason was given for the decision, IGNcube speculates that the philosophies of the two companies did not mesh. Silicon Knights has always been a very content-driven studio with strong beliefs in the elements of game creation including story, artistry, sound, and technology. Nintendo has recently downplayed the role of technology in game creation and has been known to de-emphasize story, graphics and sound in favor of classic play mechanics.

"Silicon Knights and Nintendo have agreed to mutually part ways," Silicon Knights' president Denis Dyack told IGNcube.

"Nintendo and Silicon Knights have reached an agreement allowing Silicon Knights to pursue its vision of videogame entertainment with other companies," said a Nintendo of America spokesperson. "Nintendo respects the creative work of Silicon Knights and the parties have left the door open to work on future projects that meet the creative vision of both companies."

Asked if today's news meant Silicon Knights would not continue to develop for Nintendo platforms, Denis Dyack said: "No it doesn't. It's possible that we may do another game with Nintendo, actually. It just means that we've decided to break our exclusivity with Nintendo."

Dyack confirmed that Silicon Knights is now fully able to develop for competing consoles as well.

An official announcement from Nintendo is expected in the coming weeks

Gee, first Rogue Squadron and now this? I can't wait till RE finally does go away and the only reason to buy a GC is for Nintendos games... literally.

Granted, they might still be making games for the GC and even GC2. But I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't or made them on all systems.

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Did Silicon Knights create anything worth wild?

Eternal Darkness*GREAT game, btw*, were giving the rights to make Metal Gear Solid for the GC and if they ever get the chance, hopefully a sequel to Eternal Darkness and Too Human. The President of Siilicon Knights even made a joke about working on a Legend of Zelda game in the near future, and he'd actually did something similar to that with MGS before we knew that they were in development on the game.

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They did the MGS remake? I've read bad things...


I never heard anything terrible about the game, just nobody thought it was great. I did play the and honestly, I thought it was done pretty poorly. But then again I wasn't a fan of the second Metal Gear for PS2 either.

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