The Adventures of Lolo

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I recently got to relive this game and had a blast with it. I remember playing this and the second game back on the NES, they were both a lot of fun. The puzzles are really challenging and I'm fairly confident I never was able to beat the second game, but the first one I've beaten before and just recently beat it once again. Yet another one of those uniqe NES titles that doesn't receive enough recognition. Though at least they didn't make an abomination of it on another one of the later systems like the SNES or the PS.

Anyone else remember this game? Yes, I know it's on VC. That's why I remembered it. But has anyone ever played it back on the NES?

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I adored this game and the two sequels. A friend of mine had the first one growing up, but I didn't really appreciate it until I emulated it in college. A remake could work, if they just improved the graphics and left the basic gameplay alone (like Bomberman on the Live Arcade).

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