Lair, Heavenly Sword, and Warhawk reviews


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Lair - A lot of bad reviews. The one thing consistant is that it's beautiful, and the controls are horrible. Gamespot 4.5/IGN 4.9/1Up 6.0

Heavenly Sword - Average reviews. Easy, repetitive, and only 6 hours long are the bad things. Just like Lair, it's beautiful. IGN 7.0/1Up 8.0

Warhawk - Mostly good reviews. Great online game, but no single player missions. Gamespot 8.5/1Up 8.5/IGN 8.8

Play magazine gave Heavenly Sword a 10.0, and Lair 9.0. Judging by everyone els's reviews, I don't think these guys know what they are doing.

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Play is a quote mag, similar to Gamepro/Game Informer in that a lot of their funding comes from selling high review scores to put in ads.

That said, they have a lot of pretty artwork in their pages.

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