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Mike, what is a good Charlie Huston novel to start off with ? I read his Moon Knight stuff and while i can tell he loves the character i just don't think he is good at writing comics but i was intrested in checking out his novels and now hearing you give them such praise i am definetly going to buy a few. Though as a Moon Knight fan i have to say it is a shame that the character just can't get a good series going.

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I was hooked by Already Dead, a pulpy detective story. It differs from other "pulpy detective" stories in that the narrator (RE: detective) is a vampire who doesn't suck blood. There's much more to it than that, but saying more would spoil a few plot points. Already Dead is the first part in an ongoing series, with No Dominion and Half the Blood of Brooklyn following it up. (Jen and I reviewed Already Dead during the all-vampire episode of Earth-2.net: The Show, which was episode 16 if I recall.)

From there I read Caught Stealing, the first in a trilogy (Six Bad Things and A Dangerous Man are the second and third parts). Basically, a once-promising baseball star is now an in-debt loser. Things only get worse when he finds over $4 million.

Huston very much loves Moon Knight, he simply isn't used to telling stories in this form. Sadly, it shows. But don't let that taint your opinion of his writing. His prose work is quite good!

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