Super Monkey Ball for PS2?

Mr. Keith

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From the 2004-06-07 issue of N-Query on IGNcube

"Super Monkey Ball Deluxe

I work at Gamestop and I got the chance to open a new store and as we were printing out a list of the top anticipated titles I happened to notice that Starcraft Ghost is being pushed back to December. I found one more suprise in the list and that was a new Super Monkey Ball titled Super Monkey Ball DX, heres the suprise though, the title is slated for PS2. Well if you guys could check up on those little bits that were in the Gamestop anticipated list that would be great.

Matt responds: Ghost doesn't have an official release date yet. Blizzard will only say that it's shipping this holiday season. That noted, retailers like Electronics Boutique still list the title's ship date as September 1 and until we get a more solid confirmation to the contrary we'll stick with that.

As for Super Monkey Ball Deluxe (DX) for PlayStation 2, we're starting to see that listing on various online retailer websites too. I placed some calls into Sega about it today, but so far I've received no response. I think it's a safe bet that something is happening there. Retailers have it for December. Whether or not DX is a brand new game or simply a Super Monkey Ball compilation of previously released titles remains to be seen. As soon as I hear more, I'll pass it along. "

Yet another GC exclusive might possibly bite the dust. Soon they wont have nothing left when it comes to third party exclusive titles. :(

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Who knows. As far as I knew, Monkey Ball 1-2 sold exceptionally well on the GC, but so did that Godzila and the sequel to that game isn't even going to the Cube. Seriously, before you know it the only exclusive titles that GC will be having are their games and RE 0 & 4.

This is also causing me to fear exactly what system(s) the next Phantasy Star Online will be going to. :cry:

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