Die Tingle die?

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Should Tingle die?  

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IGNcube is making a big deal out of getting rid of this guy, to the point where they're even throwing there own little campaign on making sure he isn't in the next Legend of Zelda installment. Does anyone agree with their hatred of the little guy? Disagree? Or could you careless?

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I didn't mind him in the cartoon looking Wind Waker, but I'll be pissed if he makes an appearance in the upcoming Zelda game -- because it has shed its bright and colorful image for a more realistic look. So I reserve judgment... for now.

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Tingle wasn't really a big deal if you never used the GBA functionality. He was just this annoying guy on a deserted island somewhere. When you tried two-player, though.... oh man.


The GBA player had the ability to force the GC player to stop moving entirely and look around like an ass with just a push of the button. I did that about four times before Autumn yanked the connection cable out of the Cube and went on about her business.

Besides, navi died in the switch from N64 to GameCube. I'm betting Tingle will bite it, too. They'll just replace him with another annoying, vocal character that everybody hates.


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Meh, I personally could really care less about him. I didn't feel he was the most enjoyable character, but as DRQ just reminded me of, Navi was ten times more annoying then that guy ever was.

If he were gone from the next installment, I doubt I'd even notice. If he was there, I wouldn't care anyway.

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