Spoiler Returns?


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So in the small batch of DC comics I got, this ad came up:


Looks like Spoiler's coming back. Actually, she already has, in Gotham Underground #2. The question is whether or not it's Steph or not. It could partially redeem Leslie's character if she faked the death.

Edit: Here's the solicitation for the issue

After a life-changing battle with Ra's al Ghul in Nanda Parbat, Robin comes home to Gotham to find there's a new girl in town, wearing a color he can't ignore. The new vigilante calls herself Violet, and she steals from the rich to keep for herself...and Robin's going to find out that's not all she's playing for. Plus, the return of an old friend with something to hide!

Admittedly, I've only just got into comics and only started Robin with the Teenage Wasteland TP and 167 onwards, so I don't know a whole lot about everything.

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Personally if it is really her, i am happy to have her back. Now i am of the mind that death and resurrection are completly overused in mainstream comics and i am quite sick of it being used as a plot device over and over again but in this particular case i am willing to make an exception. The way that they killed Spoiler off was complete bullshit and completly unneccessary and to this day still bothers me on several different levels but having her back in the bat books again would be somewhat of a validation to me that DC and the bat editorial at the time realized they made a big mistake.

As a huge Robin fan i also noticed in that image posted above that both King Snake and The Trigger Twins look to be making an appearance as well. Chuck Dixon's return to the title is looking better and better.

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