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Once again, from IGN Game Boy mail bag.

Mini Master Chief

I hear things... Specifically, a Halo game for GBA.

No, I'm not a crackpot, or even a 10 year old kid. I'm not joking. I hear from a trusted source that this may happen. Not sure what KIND of game it may be.

What are you waiting for? Go ask someone.


Well, this was something that I've known for months about, but was literally sworn to secrecy by the people involved (just like many OTHER things I know but can't say). But since it's been mentioned in another publication, I can confirm that, yes, Halo is in the works for the GBA. That's all I can say, on risk of having my fingernails ripped off with a bottle opener.

-- Craig


Well that.... would be interesting, if true.

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I always thought that GTA III was still in development? Or at least, I never heard that it had been cancelled yet.

As for Halo, yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if it does get canned. But just the idea that they actually have started development of the game on a Nintendo system is really cool. It makes me feel that if this does go through, and possibly even becomes successful, we might even see a version of the game on the DS.

Might be giving up ones hopes, but I never would've thought that Microsoft would even consider allowing Halo to be in development with a Nintendo system before I read about it yesterday*Handheld or not*. Now they're not only considering it, they actually are working on it! For now, that's good enough for me.

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Note added 6/11/04: This e-mail has triggered a response on Bungie's website:

There is no Game Boy version of Halo planned, and none in production. It's very unlikely that such a version would ever happen for all the obvious reasons, and the less obvious reasons, that the ColecoVision talks fell apart and The Bandai Pippin version is taking up all our development bandwidth…

We, of course, all can go back and forth...but I'm sticking to my guns on this. I've been told by multiple development sources that a Halo GBA project has at least been in the "looking into" stages since before Christmas. Anything can happen between now and then, of course, but don't expect it until 2005 if production moves forward.

I'm normally against publishing "rumors" as news stories, which is why this is the first I've ever reported it...this is something I've known about for MONTHS. And since I've seen this same rumor posted in two separate publications in the past few weeks, I thought I'd stick my neck out and confirm that, at least from what I know, that the at least rumors had a lot of strength to them.

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