A Casual TV Fan's Guide - Doctor Who: Series One, part two


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Russell T. Davies' reintroduction of the Doctor to British television caused a minor sensation. A show famous for its wobbly sets and substandard effects was back with modern production standards, but the biggest thing it had going for it was the cast: former child pop star Billie Piper surpassed everyone's expectations as Rose, a working class girl who found herself swept away into a world of danger and exploration; Camille Coduri was great as her decidedly crass mother Jackie; Noel Clarke displayed a lot of range as Rose's boyfriend Mickey, a good man with little drive, who floats in and out of her life; and of course, Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor himself. The relationship between the Doctor and Rose was unlike any Doctor / companion pairing before; there was definite heat between the two, and it was difficult to figure exactly how they saw each other -- Rose always seemed to go from seeing him as a love interest, to a father figure.

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/reviews/m/doctor-who-01-02

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Loved the idea of taking a look back at a classic episode, Dan. It gave a little perspective to the whole thing.

Indeed. I encourage any occasion to kick it old school. Good stuff.

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