Two Batman fan films


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Batman: Dead End (large, 160MB)

Batman: Dead End (small, 48MB)

Grayson (large, 138MB)

Grayson (small, 48MB)


What I liked:

-- EVERYTHING! (Well, almost.)

What I didn't like:

-- Some of the Joker's lines are a little forced.

-- I don't think Batman would use a lead pipe.

-- He nearly kills [i won't say who] at the end.


What I liked:

-- The Clark Kent cameo.

-- The mixture of music and action, especially near the end, got me hyped.

What I didn't like:

-- Why Dick takes on his old Robin persona instead of that of Batman or, better yet, Nightwing is beyond me.

-- Too many heroes and villains. (Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Batgirl, The Riddler, and the Penguin.)

-- The director seemed to be taking a page from The Dark Knight Returns and involved Clark/Superman too much.

Confused me:

-- So does the world know that Bruce Wayne and Batman were one and the same?

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