DCAU Parodies - The last episode?

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I was just planning ahead to WFP episode 873, when Mike and James finally get through the DCAU. I had made a joking comment about reviewing DCAU parodies. Then I started thinking - it might be kind of fun to do the parodies and bits & pieces when they're done. Anyone else have suggestion for non-episode DCAU bits or of DCAU parodies that would be fun to include (Of course, Mike and James may not want to do this - this also gives me a chance to hunt down any of these I might not have). I would start with:

Justice League: The First Mission - both the version with the lineup they ended using and the one on JL Season 2, with Impulse, Robin, and a female Cyborg. (Ah, poor Bart Allen. Of course, they said there wasn't any point in using Flash if they used impulse, yet this didn't stop them from using both Batman and Robin. I think I'm detecting a little Bat-bias here, old chum)

Duck Dodgers: The Green Loontern (Dodgers gets Hal Jordan's ring by mistake).

Kim Possible: The Fearless Ferret (Not only did Wil Friedle's character spoof Terry McGinnis, but Adam West spoofed himself - sort of like in "The Grey Ghost", but they went in a very different direction)

I'm assuming that the 12 minute Titans "The Lost Episode" will be covered in the regular lineup of events.

Those are the first ones I think of - I can list some fan films that use characters from the DCAU ("Lex Luthor For President", Blinky Production's "The World's Finest" with Power Girl and Catwoman, but they're not really DCAU specific. I suppose you could argue that "Batman Forever" is a DCAU homage - the Riddler's origin seemed like they ripped it off directly from "Mad As A Hatter", but I don't think I'd include that, either. What other parodies or homages - or rarities - are out there that people can think of?


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