Green Arrow: Quiver


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DJ, I just posted your review of Quiver and can tell that you're becoming more and more comfortable writing these reviews.

My one suggestion would be to occasionally cite examples. For instance, you mention Smith's smart dialog, and, as someone who's never read Quiver, I'd like to read examples of what you think stood out and made a scene or exchange. Telling me how good the dialog is is one thing, but providing me with examples will help me agree or disagree with you.

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Well, it's too late now, but I can fill you in now. The Justice Leaguers will often take potshots at Batman and eachother that had me laughing a couple times. Like, Flash was talking about how Batman uses too many big words, and there's a couple dirty jokes that Oliver Queen fires off.

Give it a look, Yoda. It's really good, well, it's the title that got me back in comics.

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