Condemned 2: Bloodshot


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Whilst it's been a long time since I've genuinely been scared by a movie or novel, there's something about playing survival horror games that's truly unsettling. (I still get a feeling of dread from Silent Hill 3 and Siren.) Sure, I never had much trouble playing BioShock or the later Resident Evil sequels, but in those games you're always armed with a nice cache of weapons; watching a twitching skeletal creature lurch towards you becomes a whole lot less frightening when there's a machine gun firmly gripped in your hands. However, not knowing what's creeping along in the distance, but knowing I'm ill-prepared to face it is a much more engaging experience.

The above is from:

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Eh, I’m not as happy with this one. Looking through, it needed some pretty heavy editing from Yoda, which is a shame because a couple of points that I wanted to make had to be edited out. It’s also hard to get across just how weird this game gets towards the end.

But thanks for the feedback.

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