Who needs their own comic?


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During the Avengers Disassembled panel at Comic-Con International someone asked a thought provoking question: "How is it that Hawkeye, the most popular Avenger, can't sustain his own title yet remains so popular amongst the fans?" To this Avengers Editor Tom Brevoort responded, "Some characters work better in a team environment, because they need other characters to play off of."

So that got me thinking. Which characters that are better known as team players need their own titles?

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At CCI they mentioned something about a Nightcrawler series, but I'm unsure if it's another mini or an ongoing.

And I would have to say Spoiler (from the Bat-books). Granted, she's in the role of Robin (IV) right now so she technically has her own title, but I don't see that being a permanent change and would like to see her on her own -- unaided by the Bat-crew or the Birds of Prey.

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