The World Ends with You


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Lately I've had a love / hate relationship with Japanese RPGs. For the longest time they were the only games I played, and I treasured every one despite their flaws. But as the years rolled by, something started to change. When playing games like Grandia II and Wild ARMs 3, the feeling of deja vu began to set in. And I couldn't help but feel some of the more unique and interesting RPGs were being ignored. For a while now I've stayed away from the genre altogether, instead getting my fill of shooters and action games. But when I heard about The World Ends with You, I was intrigued. The setting, premise and combat all looked so unique, and the DS was a console I'd largely ignored. So after a bit of thought, I grabbed the first copy I saw and wacked it into the DS as soon as I got the chance.

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