Robocop VS The Terminator

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Robocop a movie from the late 1980's that screams genius. The movie was the work of two writers Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner, and the work of a brilliant director/pervert Paul Venderhoeven. The movie spawned two sequels, which sucked and a shit load of TV shows whether they be cartoons, or live action series or feature length movies, all of these ranged from mediocre to poor. None of these movies reached the levels of the original.

The terminator, it spawned two sequels terminator two judgement day, a movie that i thought was fantastic, and terminator three....lest leave that their. The franchise also spawned video games and the Sarah Connor Chronicle's.

Film fans for years argued over who would win a fight between these icons of the eighties? Yes i class them as eighty's franchises as they were created in that era. the fans made their choices, the terminator would win as Murphy is just one man, also terminators have no prime directives, they can do what they want, as long as it helps with the main goal. Before this a comic was made to play this story out, but fans wanted to see Murphy versus the terminator. Fans had wanted to see Peter Weller, who is the only Robocop to me, and Schwarzenegger fighting it out. so these two franchises if they ever met on the big screen it would have been a fan boys wet dream.

Oh boy what a wet dream it was!

Robocop versus The Terminator was slated to be made in 1995, with a video game tie-in, but the movie fell apart when a director could not be found. However the game was already in production, goodbye movie hello video game.

First the story, Robocop is used by sky-net as an example for a human computer interface, but something goes wrong and sky-net, the machine gains a mind of it's own. Sky-net, now saying "We must stop Robocop. What? John Who-nor?" so sky-net sends back some terminators and goes to sky-net and tries to stop the terminators who have came back to kill people and keep sky-net alive. Unfortunately sky-net knew robocop would save the humans and uses Murphy as the final piece of the sky-net puzzle and uses him to go online and pretty much cause judgement day. oops. Robocop is sent offline for about twenty years and is brought back online by the resistance, again nothing about John Connor is mentioned, and so Robocop goes for a final battle with the sky-net, which is now a big giant terminator skull.

true that sounds like a terrible movie, but in a game in this era, story really didn't matter.

Controls-All you do is go along from one side of the screen to other going up and down ladders and shooting everything in sight with your guns. It sounds very basic, but in reality the basics really are great. You can shoot either straight up, left, right or diagonally you really can shoot in any direction you choose. The controls are easy to get used to A-Changes between your guns which have unlimited ammo, B- shoots your gun, and C-jumps, though these can be changed in the options menu.

Music-the music is very good and very punk and futuristic, well for the time. As a personal thing i always get a kick out of the woman's voice in the first level saying "Terminator" it always makes me laugh.

Good things-the music is fun, and the controls are easy to get used to and the game keeps the violence of the movies, the human characters fall apart into blood, and although weird it really doesn't look out of place in the game. The weapons which I'll get to in a minute. It's always easy to get more lives. The callbacks such as ED-209 and robocop two making boss appearances, the energy you pick up is the mush from the first robocop movie, and the guards in OCP look like the negotiator from the first robocop movie, the terminator looks like Arnie in T2. The hostage saving, when you do this you get all your energy back. Theirs arrows so you never get lost. When you die, you start were you left off with a moments invincibility. If you die you lose a gun, but you can change guns if the one you were using was the one you needed and the other one was useless, or could be found later.

Bad-This is a major gripe! When you touch a bad guy whether it be generic guard number seven or ED-209, you lose energy, what sucks about this is that when you face the bosses they walk up to you, so not only do you have to avoid the bullets, you have to avoid the bosses in small confined spaces because the bosses take up half the screen. The levels go from easy to incredibly easy to hard, to get the fuck off my TV for the final level. Where the hell did the red terminators come from!?

The weapons really needed their own section here lets discuss the weapons: The gun-Robocops gun from the movies is the first weapon you have, and it is okay to face the first set of bad guys, but when you get further into the level you notice that you really need a better gun, enter. The missile launcher, this gun goes right for the enemy's close to you whether it be a robot or human, a good weapon and is use able but first chance you get trade up. The flamethrower is the second best gun it destroys bullets so when facing a boss now all you have to worry about is not touching the boss, and is essential for the later levels.Short range rocket launcher, this gun is useful and is fun but only works close range and for most of the game is useless. The grenade launcher is the best gun easily, this gun is my favourite as the grenades fly through the air you still control where they go and where you push on the d-pad and choose where they go. The grenade launcher is not just good for this reason, in fact i like this gun as it is the best to use on the bosses, i recommend this gun as it can take out the second hardest boss Kane as Robocop two, the grenade launcher can beat him in thirty seconds without you taking damage, that's a great help. Finally theirs the laser which kills the terminators in one shot sending them into oblivion.

the bosses that are most recognisable are ED-209 and robocop 2, the others are terminators robots. The end boss is a giant Terminator skull, yes a giant skull.....theirs a joke their somewhere.

The levels are varied and interesting, taking place in Detroit and the hellish future, the levels look nice and dreary, giving a nice feel of the movies.

The game is hard, but hard in a good way, the movie has re-playability as it doesn't have the "fuck this piece of shit!" it made me say when i got a game over "well, one more go..." though the level settings can be set to hard, easy and normal.

This is a great platformer from the era of platformers, and really shows how great both movies were and gives both movies a game they can be proud of, instead of either games that have been critically panned like robocop, or games that are too hard terminator. Robocop vs the terminator really finds the middle ground and really is a good game, i cannot give it a perfect score or even a nine out of ten, this movies gripes of touching the enemy and insane last boss fight really hurt it, so this game gets a seven out of ten.

random bits:

When you die, if you have a gun that you need like the grenade launcher and you have a crap gun like the short range rocket gun, you can switch to the crap gun you don't want, and lose that.

When you die in the later levels or get a game over and have to continue in the last two levels specifically you have to work to find a gun and getting past the first set of turrets then good luck to you as it is near impossible.

The terminators really do look like Arnie if Arnie was a sixteen bit game character.

The woman in the first level saying terminator really is great!

Robocop versus the terminator is available on game gear, nes, snes,sega master system and mega drive and emulator. I reviewed this on the mega drive.

This game gets 7 out of 10.

Source: Wikipedia for platforms and when the game was released.

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