a poem by me...

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I wrote this poem, and made four drafts of it, this is the fourth.

Please tell me what you think. It's called the cast and about a woman leaving her husband, from his perspective.


What is going on?

I asked you a question

Why are your eyes filled with tears?

What is that you are doing, what is it that you feel, is it fear?


So that’s it, your going to go.

Why might I ask?

Is it about that thing that is in the past?

You said it would last.

“I love you forever and ever” I wrote that on your cast.

It was an accident, I didn’t mean it.

You shouldn’t have said so much shit.

I apologised isn’t that enough.

Why are you making this so tough?

Why are you crying?

Do you think I am lying? (It isn’t you that’s dying)

I can’t turn my emotions off like a switch.

Not like you, you stupid bitch.

I’m so sorry, I really mean to say that what I mean is-what I mean is

Can’t you remember the good times?

I was yours and you were mine.

I love you and that’s all that matters.

You leaving me would leave my life in tatters.

Theirs someone else isn’t their?

I knew - I knew you were having an affair.

You whore.

You don’t deserve to live anymore.

Oh my god, I’m sorry please don’t go, it won’t happen again, I mean it this time.

Come on let’s sit down; I bought us a bottle of wine.

So that’s it – your going why can’t you see.

You were made for me.

Is that not enough?

Okay, seeing as you want to make this tough.

Just remember this, no matter who you’ll be with and what you’ll see.

You are nothing without me.

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