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The New York Post picked up on James Fullington's (a.k.a. The Sandman) arrest from Sunday evening in Yonkers. They report that the reason Sandman and others were at the restaurant was due to it being Captain Lou Albano's 75th birthday party. The Zombie and Pitbull were among those in attendance and also tried to help restrain Fullington once the Swat team and police were called.

After Fullington started getting loud and obnoxious, "smacking around the lights (of the restaurant) like they were speed bags", the owner nailed him with a beer bottle in the face. Fullington then chased him into the kitchen and started throwing plates and glasses around until the Swat and police arrived. Authorities went in with guns drawn to try and detain Fullington.

The Sandman was bloodied up pretty bad as you can see in the photos.

here is the link to the photos-

The Sandman looks terrible.

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"The Sandman has posted bail and is out of jail. has a video of the incident and the arrest. There is some graphic language, so be aware of that. However, it's a pretty good look at how the Sandman is nowadays. I remember when he was straight and sober for quite a while prior to going back to the WWE for his ECW run. I have no idea what's happened since then, but it doesn't look like he's doing well."

This is the link to the video that is being talked about:;locale=EN-US

The sandman looks terrible, after he does his speech, in which he actually falls asleep for a moment it looks like. the video then gets worse as we see parts of the incident and the sandman being arrested. This video is quite graphic and their is swearing.

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