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Well, I noticed that this thread didn't exist yet.

I know most people are incredibly private, and don't like everyone to know their business. However sometimes everyone needs someone else to look at their problems and give an outsiders opinion and answer.

If you want advice, or think you can give some good advice, post here.

I'll go first.

Right now, I have two things I could do over the next year, I can go to college and get a full HND and be accepted to second or third year for any media course I want. Possibly one with less travel issues.

The other is a totally new place, for first year of journalism at a University that would take me an hours travel every day.

I want to do both, but I am not completely certain that journalism is the field I want to go into. I may want to do Radio production, or film editing etc.

I really just keep going back and forth and wondering which one should I choose.

I can't decide, so I started this thread.

Anyone got any advice? Or has anyone else been in this situation?



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