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If you've been paying close attention to the video game industry recently, you might have heard about Braid. Developer Jonathan Blow has been working on the project independently for close to three years, but could a seemingly simple puzzle / platformer programmed by one man really live up to the hype?

The above is from:

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Loved this game, and the review does a great job of summarizing it. I had a few minor gripes with Braid (the length, the price, the vague storyline, the repeated stage designs, the FREAKING CHEAP BREAKABLE KEYS THAT DON'T INDICATE THE PROPER DOOR) but ultimately thought it was fantastic. Another fine contribution, Aaron!

Yoda, I think the screenshot you grabbed is from the PC version - the Xbox visuals are actually quite a bit nicer, specifically on the character models and interactive objects. Plus, the title character no longer looks like a middle-aged, overweight computer programmer. :D



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