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Guest DCAUFan1051

hi guys and gals this is just something I wanted ebveryone to see I found them on ebay and they looked really cool




I have more pics of the ones shown in the package and a few that I haven't even taken out of packaging yet

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Guest DCAUFan1051
Cool figures, i really like that batman one, I may just post my collection.

What's the name of the Knight guy at the bottom?

Shining Knight he was mainly in the JLU seasons He was usually paired with Vigilantie yea I have some old pics of all 12 I got in the boxes I'll haveta find them and post em

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Guest DCAUFan1051

here are more of the 12 figue set I bought off of ebay:




the first one is the picture that was with the listing on E-Bay below is the list of figures:


I actually had to bend Bats's knee to get him posed good enough for the below pics. The knees bend because they're jointed but also these figures are extrememly top heavy and I don't just mean the women




Green Lantern


Lex Luthor

Shining Knight

The Huntress


the only reason why the below part of the list is still in the packaging is because when I opened the others I realized how shitty the posability was.

Wonder Woman (still in package)


The Shade (still in package)


Zatanna (still in package)


Dr. Light (still in package)

their posability really sucks unless u have them leaning against something but they looked cool at the time when I found them. I probably should have left them in the packaging lol

anyways hope everyone likes looking at them

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Guest DCAUFan1051

I'm bumping this because I've started a ritual of checking the toy section of any store I'm in and seeing whether the shelves have been restocked or not. Of either DC Toys or Transformers.

This is what is at my local Wal-Mart:

This was a Green Arrow/Black Canary/Green Latern three pack sorry about GL being cutoff :D




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Guest DCAUFan1051
I really hate it over here, as we get a one aisle section in most places and it's not that great a selection, ah ebay....

we get 1 section per toyline as well but the aisles are larger in some stores :D

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Guest DCAUFan1051
we get 1 section per toyline as well but the aisles are larger in some stores :D

Dam you to hades!

well if you take a shelving unit in a store that's say 10 feet long generally at least in the stores in my area there's 4 toylines per that space. And that's just one shelf. Some lines I saw today were:

DC Universe

Transformers: Animated

Transformers: Universe

Star Wars

Wrestling Figures

Marvel Toylines

Power Rangers R.P.M. which that fucking show hasn't even aired yet.... or if it has I haven't seen in it yet. March 7th is the premiere not that I really care though. Still shows and toylines are always either before or after one another. For example the TF Animated cartoon aired and I saw maybe one toy commerical now that it's currently not in NEW episode mode and in syndication I see a TF Animated toy ad every 5 hrs.

those are spread out of maybe a 30 foot radius or a little more within the toy aisle. Then again it was A SUPER Wal-Mart

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