The Twists of Faith & Fate Series by Michael A. Blanchard

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Guest DCAUFan1051

I have been writing poetry since I was fourteen years old and just at the end of 2007 my first book The Twists Of Faith & Fate was published. It's a book of poetry that I wrote between 2001-2003. The poems in this book have subject matter of love loss rejection heartache and heart break. Below is the back cover description on the book

In this book of poetry you will see the love, loss, rejection, sadnes, happiness, and redemption through Michael's eyes. It is about wanting everlasting love and yearning for that special person to come along and give it freely, wanting a real and rare love that may never come into your life. It is about miss that lost love that you want to return to you.


It's 85 pages the MSRP is $16.95 however I sell them autographed for $20

Then in July of 2008 my second book of poetry was published. It is The Twists of Faith & Fate II: Losing Faith Finding Fate in the follow up to The Twists of Faith & Fate this sequel includes the same subject matter as the first however there is a short story at the end of this book about a TRUE event that happened to me. As well as a preview of the next book to come.

Below is the back cover description on the book

In the follow titled book to The Twists of Faith & Fate, Michael ssems to be able to delve deeper into the heart and soul. Feelings of love, loss, rejection, revenge, rage, redemption, and the sound of a fading heartbeat as he hits rock bottom. This book is a continuation of what has come before it. Still wanting that rare and real everlasting love in your lifeand still wanting a lost love to return to you. Broken hearts are abound here in the second book of The Twists of Faith & Fate Series

I wrote both of the back cover blurbs.


It's 148 pages the MSRP is $24.95 however I sell them autographed for $25

if anyone would like to see them online you can find them at just click on the online bookstore then search the title or my name.

If anyone would like to purchase them they can email me at

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Buy them from me I offer FREE 3-4 day shipping. Do not buy them through the publisher as the royalties I get from them are fuckin laughable.

Thanks for looking at the post everyone RULES

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Guest DCAUFan1051

here's a poem from the first book it's my favorite out of all of them in the first book:

Take Me In

Take me in

Into your heart

Take me into your life

Believe in me

As I believe in you

Love me as I’ll always love you

Take me in

Into your life

Take me into your heart

Please save my soul and take me into yours

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Guest DCAUFan1051

here's the poem I wrote after 9/11 happened that is in my first book of poetry.

Fight For What You Believe

In this day and age we must fight

We must fight for freedom

We must fight for love

4 We must fight for what we believe in

In this time of loss and tragedy

We band together and fight for our freedom

We are all Americans there should not be any discrimination

8 But there is and we fight that too

There are men and women fighting right now

Overseas they are fighting for America

And we must be brave and pray for them

12 We must fight for what we believe

All across the country every person has helped another

And America is united as one

Because we all fight for what we believe

16 We must fight for what we believe in

For the victims, families, police officers, fire fighters, and soldiers of September 11, 2001

Written September 13, 2001

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Guest DCAUFan1051

this was the poem I wrote about the Red Sox in 2001 it's in the first Twists book I modified it after they won in 2004

For The Love Of The Game

(A Red Sox Fan’s Tribute To Boston)

Entering Fenway Park taking in the sights

Breathing in the smell of the field and the food

Listening to the crack of the bat

As Nomar, Manny, or Damon send one over the Green Monster

Watching Henderson steal another base

6 All for the love of the game

Feeling the excitement of a new baseball season

Hoping the Red Sox will make it this year

Sitting behind home plate or on the first base side

Watching the action live and in person

Or sitting out by the Green Monster

12 Reaching out and touching history

Watching Pedro strike out batter after batter

Seeing the disappointment on the opponents face

As Martinez’s fastball or low breaking ball get him to swing

Hearing the crowd cheer as I am one of them now

Seeing Pedro finish an inning with a double play

18 As Hillenbrand comes up to hit

I grew up as a Boston Red Sox Fan

They are my passion

So is the game itself

I’ve watched the Red Sox since I as four years old

That’s eighteen years of many different players coming and going

24 All for the love of the game

With names like Evans, Boggs, and Clemens

Players from the 80’s and great ones at that

Greenwell, Barrett, Buckner, and Rice

All my favorites at the time

With Clemens on the mound anything was possible

30 My all is for the love of the game

Although he played before my time

Who can forget the Splendid Splinter Ted Williams?

Possibly the best hitter in Red Sox and baseball history

He really could send a ball flying

And in 1999 when he gave his fans one last curtain call

36 At the all-star game in Fenway Park it put a tear in my eye

Then there is the Yas and Carlton Fisk

Could they ever play making diving catches

Hitting balls out of Fenway like there was nothing better to do

All the players from Williams, Yas, and Fisk

To Evans, Boggs, Greenwell, and Clemens

To today with Nomar, Manny, Nixon, Damon, and the rest

Over the years it’s all about playing baseball

Playing like you love it and nothing can take the thrill away from you

45 All for the love of the game

For all the Boston Red Sox players past and present and for all the diehard Red Sox fans that support the team win or lose. Go Red Sox!!!

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Guest DCAUFan1051

these 2 poems I wrote because I had an idea in my head one day about a boy who ran away.... the first was in my first Twists book it's sequel was in Twists II:

The Runaway

The streets are cold

The night is lonely

A small boy wanders down a street

Looking for help

Looking for love

He is a runaway

He runs fast

He runs far

He is looking for shelter

There are people everywhere

But no one will help me

So he continues to run

Running so far and as fast as his little legs can go

He just runs from everyone

He is lonely

His parents worry about him

His father paces about the room

His mother sobs in a chair

They want their son back

But he ran away

The Runaway II: Still Running

The streets are cold

The night is still lonely

He has learned to adjust

A young man now he is still a runaway

Looking for help

Looking for love

He has started to run home

But will they want him?

Will they still love him?

He wants to hug his mother

He wants to talk with his father

But he is still a runaway

Scared to go home

He must return sometime though

He has survived on the streets since age twelve

Now twenty years old he wants to come home

His parents have given up hope

His father no longer paces but cries in the den

His mother has become an alcoholic to escape her sadness

Her husband can do nothing to help her

Because of his own depression of his son leaving

The boy returns home to find them not there so he runs again

And he always will run, because his parents, his home is gone

And he ran away

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