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It seems to me that everytime there are NEW breakthroughs in Technology everyone always says it'll be more advanced 20 years down the line.

I wanted to start this thread because I want to know what everyone's opinion is of Touch Screen Tech. You see it everywhere the NEWEST incarnations using TS Tech are Iron Man and Knight Rider. I'm under the impression that it's very awe inspiring what these movies and shows can do these days.

I'm a proud owner of an iPhone and I love it it's the BEST Cell phone I've ever had everything right there at your fingertips and NO real phyiscal keyboard holding you back. Granted there are issues with iPhone but on the whole I'd give it a 10/10.

I've had cell phones that have voice dial and everything but it seems to me VD Tech is VERY flawed I could say one name very clearly but the phone would recognize something completely different.

I think the touch screen is very revolutionary and it amazes me what it's capabilities are.

So what does everyone else think?


TST: Touch Screen Tech

VDT: Voice Dial Tech

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