Wonderfalls, part one


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Okay, try to imagine a show about a bitterly sarcastic young woman who hears voices telling her to do things that improve peoples' lives despite her wishes to keep her head down and not get involved. Are you thinking of Joan of Arcadia? Then you're one of the reasons Wonderfalls only aired four episodes. These two shows with remarkably similar concepts managed to premiere in the same season, airing on the same night, in the same timeslot. One of these shows was on Fox, so we always knew who was going to win.

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/reviews/m/wonderfalls-01

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Wonderfalls is the story of Jaye Tyler (Canadian actress Caroline Dhavernas, or, as I've taken to referring to her, my TV girlfriend),

Well, so that's why I never got that cake....

Eddie Kaye Thomas (American Pie, 'Til Death) continues to show me why he needs to be kicked in the face whenever I see him act in anything. And when I say "act," I mean mumble his lines as he sleepwalks around a set and slouches into a chair until he appears to be asleep.

Finally someone said it!

Good review, can't wait for part two.

Oh and:

ll right, before you do anything else, go to my Tick review and read the opening rant. It applies here. Stupid cancel-happy Fox. Oh, but American Dad manages to be on its fourth freaking season. Justice is a lie. Anyone who tells you differently is not your friend.

Family Guy used to be funny, American Dad never was and never will be.

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