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Well I wrote this during college. Tell me what you think.

Forever not knowing where I begin.

Only knowing that one day I will end.

My soul feels nothing but darkness and death.

It does not feel pain.

It cannot feel happiness.

It is not even able to feel it's own existence.

My soul is like me.

It is alone, one day it will be gone.

Just like me.

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More poetic bollocks from the mind of a Suave guy:

It's over

My soul is shattered

One more left

One more

One more time to be able to block it out

One more till I will have to face it by myself.

One more time until I lose

One more time

What if their isn't one more time

What if their never was

Maybe this is inevitable

Maybe it is all coming to an end

Maybe I could never stop it

One more left and that is it

I will be alone


I am alone


I was always alone

It's now time to realise that

I have always and will always be alone

Their is no saving me

I am like dust in the wind

Never returning

Never reappearing

Leaving just moments after I arrived

Not changing anything

Not improving things

Not altering anything

Just like dust in the wind

Just like me

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They say a true test of a man

Is now how many times he falls

But how many times he can pick himself up

A boy may fall

But a man will get back up

The truest test is not the one we expect

But the one that you fear the most

The one that you cannot see

You can't describe

But you know it's there

The greatest fear is not what we don't see

It's what we refuse to see.

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Water is a bringer of life

Water can also take life away

It can cleanse the soul

It can send the soul away

The true power of water is not fathomable

You can not know until you see rush across your face

Feel the water rush into your lungs

With each breath you ask for more

With each breath you see it go

Someone will notice you

That I can guarantee

But whether your soul is still there

Is not for me to decide

Only for the water down your soul it will slide

Your soul is cleansed now

You do not feel pain anymore

Like a wave

The water has let you soar

You are no longer alone

You are set free

As when you are in the water

It is just you and me

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Well I wrote this while going in circles on the subway today. I know their shit.


Just saying the word feels wrong

Like a snake in the grass

It is ready to pounce

And consume you


The term is greatly exaggerated

You are obssessed with something

You have an obsession

Obsessions can be good

They can keep you on track

Stop you from forgetting what is truly important

But it can also be venomous

It can poison your soul

It can consume you

And when it does that

It cannot be stopped

When you are consumed by it

Their is nowhere left to run

Nowhere left to hide

Because you are no longer you

You are obsession

You are the obsession

You are just another victim

Another victim of obsession/b]

Poem 2:

Do you see reality?

Do you feel it?

Is it real?

What is sanity?

Do you feel it?

Is it real?

Of course it isn't

Nothing is real

Nothing is false

You are not real

You are not false

You are not here

You are not there

What are you?

In one way

I could be here

In another way

I could be there

Then again

I could be nowhere

Then again

I could be everywhere

If I feel pain

I must be real

If I feel nothing

Then am I fake

Who decides what is real and what is fake




No one

Poem 3:

The well is dry

I am done

No one can stop destiny

Destiny is reality

You cannot escape reality

You cannot escape destiny

Anything you do

Cannot stop it from happening

It is destiny

It is your reality

You do not control it

You never did

Poem 4:

Green with envy

I envy you

Walking away

Being able to feel anger

Able to feel sad

Able to feel happy

Able to live your life

Inside the world

Not inside your head

You do not worry about what I think

You do not care about what I see

You are human

And I

I am not like you

I am not human

I am just there

Worst of all

You do not even care

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