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First off, let me say I didn't put this up here to start any kind of political debate. This is a news story since it's being given away free.

Michael Moore's latest film is available as a free download. It's about him going around to college campuses and trying to get people to vote.

Hate him or love him, maverick filmmaker Michael Moore has pwned Hollywood and Washington.

Earlier this week, the politically minded director became the first major cinematic player to release a feature-length film for free online. Now that film, Slacker Uprising, is killing at the virtual box office.

Moore's widely panned documentary about the 2004 presidential election is currently ranked No. 1 on Amazon's Video on Demand movie rentals list. And, according to Moore and his online distribution partner, Brave New Films, Slacker Uprising is currently being downloaded thrice as fast as the standard blockbuster on iTunes.

Hypernia, a Slacker Uprising distribution partner that facilitates the burning of high-quality DVDs, reports that first-day downloads broke a company record. The movie's website was visited by more than 2 million users in its first three days, according to the press release.

"I'm glad I can provide recession-proof entertainment in these difficult economic times," cracked Moore in the statement. The director has made three of the five top-grossing documentaries of all time.

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