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Well I had a dream the other night and their was this character in it for about a minute, but something about it stuck with me, so over a two hour lunch break, I wrote a character bio:

Name: Father Barroweidan "Barry" O'Quigley.

Age: 61

Interests: Drinking, reading and chatting about his love for god. Pretending to be a man of god.

Born Barroweidan O'Quigley to a stout Catholic mother and a drunken womanising Atheist father who left when Barry was seven.

Barry followed his mothers teachings from the age of seven to the age of seventeen about god and religion until quite suddenly Barry's father returned to his life and showed him the fun he could be having, just like his father.

Barry before he fell off the wagon and started to follow in his fathers footsteps learned everything their was to know about being a priest and was and is very well versed in the bible, he learned everything he could and knows it off by heart. Barry uses this to advantage by using certain extracts out of context to further his own needs.

For the past forty three and a half years went around America, Canada and UK teaching about the word of God in churches while making himself a nice little profit in the process. Barry saves whatever money he can for his ultimate goal, making £367,980.76 to pay for a home in the middle of nowhere and enough left over to keep him comfortable for the rest of his days.

Barry is not a heartless criminal as he only steals 43% of the towns money before moving onto the next one, Barry says that this "Is the perfect amount to not arouse any suspicion, but also for me to make a nice profit"

Barry goes to charity shops whenever he can to pick up the cheapest and most random things he can find, as he takes this as a personal challenge, finding the most worthless item and pretending it meant something to someone and getting him one step closer to your money.

Barry carries his own personal bible about with him at all times, the bible is real, and has only two alterations, the first is that on the inside cover is a picture of his father in his prime to keep him on track and remind him to quit while he's ahead. In the back is a picture of his mother, this is to keep him grounded and remember that his mother was a good person and that these people are good people and should only be conned for what they can afford. 43%.

Barry can handle his drink when around others and when they are getting drunk after drinking the same amounts of alcohol as Barry and he is stone sober. Barry can stay this way as he has trained his mind to not accept the effects of the alcohol, Barry keeps his mind on the most remedial subject, that being the 1934 worlds fair in Chicago.

Barry goes to the city where a priest is either very old or Barry will drug the priest to the point where they are so ill they can not take over their dutys for a four week period, leaving Barry with plenty of time to make his move and take the town for what he needs.

Barry wears a beaded necklace around his neck, this is the only thing given to him by his mother that he still has. Barry always has one hand on the front of his shirt, this is to keep him on control of a situation as when he extends his hand to someone they lean into him and he can take complete control of a situation and maintain the pace of a conversation to his liking, so the ball is always in his court.

Barry has a deck of playing cards that he always shuffles in his pocket when coming up with a new idea, no one ever sees this but Barry as they are smutty cards and the only real thing identifying him as a con artist.

Barry always wears a black priests robe, this is to maintain the illusion that he is a priest and will keep people trying to maintain respect for him and keep him in control of any situation.

Barry has in may towns that he has been in started "Alcoholics anonymous groups" or "gamblers groups" and manipulated the people into buying drinks of of him as he will slowly cure them or he will let the gamble with him and the lord. The catch is that Barry has watered down the alcohol by 43% and with him being a priest and them thinking he is slowly trying to cure them, no one says anything to him about it. Barry uses pre-recorded gambling footage from years agi for obscure races and manipulates them so that the gambler will always lose.

Barry never lies to the people, he never tells them that he will help them in those exact words, but they assume that he is a priest because he calls himself father, but that could mean he's got a son or adopted an animal.

Barry insists that the towns people never call him Father O'Quigley or the priest, he would rather be called Father Barry or just Barry. No one has ever suspected him or checked up on him as he is so smooth at what he does and always moves on as he is just a "Shepard without a flock" who has to go from town to town helping the local priests and not causing a missing of Church duties and being a freelance priest helps that.

Barry never stays in a town long enough to care for anyone as it may stop his work and cause him to regret something which he can never do, he cannot dwell on the past, if he does something may go wrong in the present.

The final town Barry is going to hit is very special to him as it was the town his mother grew up in, and to finally fulfil what his father never could, successfully con that town, he will finally be out of his fathers shadow.

Barry can defend himself in a fight though he rarely chooses to as it would completely contradict the character he is trying to portray.

When Barry was raised by his mother the only thing she taught him that he sticks to is to respect the bible, which he does, he never changes the content of what is being said, only the context of the situation it is being said in.

Barry knows he has one more town left in him and before he can go out he must hit that one place his father never could con.

Barry does believe he is doing good by conning these people as anyone else would con them for every dime, he is teaching them to be more vigilant and also he is making just enough profit to keep everyone happy. Especially himself.

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