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CBS Interactive is partnering with Saturn to launch a scripted Web series starring Daphne Zuniga.

The company plans eight episodes of "Novel Adventures," an online series by Jonathan Prince, the creator of A&E's "The Cleaner" and CBS' "Cane." Each episode will be presented for a 48-hour window on, and and then roll out across the CBS Audience Network. The series premieres online Nov. 3.

"Adventures" tracks four friends who embark on activities inspired by various classic novels. In the first episode, the girls head out for an afternoon of deep-sea fishing honoring Hemingway's "The Old Man and the Sea."

"We get to tell great stories with an A-plus cast and crew, Saturn gets creative and seamless promotion for its new line of cars and CBS Interactive offers its flagship Web sites and Audience Network high production-value content," said Prince, who was asked by Saturn to create the series and then brought the idea to CBS. "Add to that, if successful, we have created a template for a potential broadcast or cable series to develop with our production studio, CBS Paramount."

CBS launched a flurry of online programs with the launch of Innertube in 2006. With CBS' purchase of CNET and other online properties, Anthony Soohoo, senior vp and GM of CBS Interactive Entertainment division, said the company is now in a better position to launch original Web content.

"We're in a stronger position to really make an impact with original online series," he said.

The series stars Zuniga ("One Tree Hill"), Paola Turbay ("Cane"), Ashley Williams ("How I Met Your Mother") and Jolie Jenkins ("Desperate Housewives").

A very interesting idea. I'm happy to see CBS embracing the internet, but don't like the way they are doing the advertising. What's wrong with traditional commercials? You are CBS for God's sake. I just don't like the advertiser having that much of a hand in creating and running the show.

fact, I was in love with Daphne Zuniga in the 80s. It was all about Gross Anatomy for me. Spaceballs, not so much.

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