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Link to 1 second films hompeage.

About The 1 Second Film

The 1 Second Film is a non-profit collaborative art project being created by people around the world. The film is about art, process, and people collaborating together to collectively create something bigger than we could create alone.

The 1 Second Film project is built around one-second of animation (made of 12 giant paintings). The animation will be followed by over one-hour of credits listing everyone that participates, from celebrities to great-grandmothers. A feature-length 'making of' documentary will play along-side the credits, detailing the collaborative journey of the project from start to finish. All profits raised by the finished film will be donated to charity (The Global Fund for Women).

About Participating

Anyone can Join our Crew for Free, and have their name added to our credits.

Donate or Raise $1 or more, and you will be given a Producer Credit in the film. Producers get listed in order of amount donated.

You can participate more by spreading the word, uploading a promo video or photo to be part of our documentary, setting up a presentation event in your community, etc. We are building a new site that will make participating even easier.

The goal of The 1 Second Film is to build a non-profit platform for global collaboration.

The 1 Second Film is the flagship production of The Collaboration Foundation, a non-profit arts organization with a 5 Phase Plan to bring people around the world together, using collaborative art to create social change.

Members of The 1 Second Film are helping to build an online collaborative community that will continue to grow with future projects.

How This Started

The project is the brainchild of Nirvan Mullick, an award winning filmmaker who began the project while a student at CalArts. After graduating, Nirvan began fundraising on the streets with a xerox flier and eventually raised enough to buy a video camera and build the first website. Person by person, the project has continued to grow.

We continue to fundraise as we go, and have made steady progress toward creating both a community and a documentary about the process.

Join Our Crew!

Our producers receive profiles allowing us all to collaborate together. We invite you to join our crew, tell a friend, and share a moment with the world!

What does everyone think of this?

I think it is an awesome idea, what they are doing is have a one second film comprised of 24 frames of pictures painted by paticipants at a party and the rest of the movie being 90 minutes of credits for the producers.

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