Cheap comics-Thoughts?


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So yeah, I was in my local comic shop and I went to the 50p comic boxes and flipped through them, really only looking for an issue blue beetle to give it a try.

I walked out with 10 comics spending £5.

I went a film and before it started I flipped through an issue of trinity I got, the cover was nice and when I looked at it, I saw it was stupid and made no sense and I wasted 50p on this crap.

Because of this I thought I'd pose the question:

You’re in your local comic shop and you see the bargain box, what do you look for?

Back issues of comics your reading?

Issues of comics you have heard are good, but didn't want to take a chance with?

It's all cheap; I'll give some random stuff a shot.

I usually try and mix between the three of them, but usually I end up getting stuff I usually don't get in issues.

So what do you do with the back issue bin in your comic shop are at convention?

Do you have a set price you can spend?

Do you have set stuff you want, and nothing else?

Do you just say "It's cheap, I can give new stuff a shot"

Interested in the thoughts of everyone.

Also if you get just trades, and then talk about when you are in the shop, do you have a bargain bin, and do you ever check it? Ever get any deals?

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