Killer 7

J Marv

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Killer 7 (Gamespy Info Page)

Basically Killer 7 is this really good looking (and really violent) cel-shaded noir action game.

So, why isn't Nintendo (and Capcom for that matter) promoting the everloving fuck out of this game? It looks like it will be good, it's from a proven developer, and its definitely not a kiddie game. Nintendo has dug themselves into a huge hole with this kiddie image thing. It's not really even a fair criticism, but Nintendo won't push the adult games to prove it. If games like Eternal Darkness got pushed a lot harder than they did, Nintendo wouldn't have this image. This game could be just what Nintendo needs, yet I wouldn't know about it if I wasn't a Gamespy reader.

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Capcom has been very quiet with this title for whatever reason, which is why you really don't hear much about it. I also don't think that any major video game site has even been given the opportunity to try this game out and see what it's like, which many have speculated might be because this game could potentially be all graphics and no game play.

But yeah, I wish they'd talk more about this game. I'm really curious on how it'll turn up.

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