Captain Freedoms workout.

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As I write this the uplifting theme of Captain Freedoms’ workout from the Running man soundtrack and am reminded how awesome this movie really was and is.

Whenever you look at a blog, it is really one of three things, it is either someone posting questions about themselves for you to look at and understand the person better. What usually happens is you start to find yourself hating the person as they seem to be a little too self involved and annoying to listen to. The other side of the spectrum is the person who writes here about their thoughts and feelings and makes you feel an emotional attachment and though sometimes you may not know the person physically, you almost feel an emotional bond to them. The third option is that the person is just an idiot who writes stuff out in the stream of consciousness and doesn't even take time to read what they've wrote or spell-check and throw it out and think they have just wrote a masterpiece.

My friends, this is the latter.

Are you ready for pain? Are you ready for a challenge? Then you’re ready for captain freedoms workout.

Whenever I hear people talking about swine flu, my mind does not wonder to how bad things may get and how this epidemic may affect us all and take thousands of lives. My mind wanders to the fact that people are now talking about the swine flu rather than the recession which the country is still in. It's quite humorous to think that people are now worried about something that is coming across to me as an old wives tale about some unknown horror.

Yet, when this H1N1 is talked about, people focus on not catching it. It almost makes me wonder what other problem did the world encounter before the recession and if that has been resolved or has the baby been thrown out with the bathwater, in favour of this year’s model.

H1N1 is not only a sexy name, it is a horrible disease that is affecting every man, woman and child in the world, regardless of age, race or belief, almost like the recession isn't it?

But hey, that's just me.

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