Battlefield 1942


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I got this game last night. It's a downloadable game for the 360 and PS3.

It's terrible. You can't tell where people are shooting at you from. There is no death replay so you never know why you die. Also, I shoot people 20 times and they don't die, but when they hit me it takes one shot. Back to COD for me I guess.

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BF 1942 is the PC shooter from 4 or 5 years ago. The new release on 360 and PS3 is Battlefield 1943. Small difference, but an important one. :D

I was really frustrated the first few times I played it too, but after gaining some experience I've really fallen in love with it. There's a lot to absorb at first, and the skill of the other players can be a major turn off, but trust me when I say it's quite rewarding if you stick with it. For such a simple concept (nothing but multiplayer territories-style games) it's surprisingly deep - three classes to suit your style of combat, (close quarters, long range or speed) a simple, enjoyable squad system, (spawn next to your teammates instead of a desolate flag somewhere far from the action) and some fantastic vehicles (although the airplanes take a lot of time to figure out). I'm addicted, even though I still pretty much suck.

You can tell where people are hitting you from by the direction of the red indicators on-screen. If it's at the top of your screen, they're behind you... it's subtle, so I missed it the first few rounds, too, but it's there. It's much more of a real war simulator, though, in that you have to use cover to your advantage. If you go sprinting into an enemy camp down the middle of the road on your lonesome, you're probably going to get sliced to ribbons. Take your time and keep an eye out for movement, rather than keeping your focus on the mini-map. Enemies aren't identified as red blips on the map until you've hit them.

Give it another chance, Jack!

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Last time I played I just sniped from the little island halfway between the carrier and island. It was boring but at least I wasn't dying every few seconds. I tried the plane but flew it straight into the water. I got in a tank, but it wouldn't go anywhere but in circles. How about some intuitive controls?

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