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I haven't been that into video games recently, probably mostly because I own a Wii and there hasn't been many releases for the system that have peaked my interest. But this title for the DS has really peaked my interest and I plan on picking it up first chance I get tomorrow. Anyone else looking forward to messing around with this game and seeing a large of a dictionary the game has?

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Man do I hate the controls of this. I can't count how many times I've tried to select an item, and suddenly Maxwell lingers on over and fucks up by getting himself killed or causing a mishap that ruins me getting the starite. It can get beyond frustrating at times. Otherwise the game is real fun. I love creating other characters and having them fight each other in this. Anyone know how to kill the ghost off? He seems to be the only unstoppable character in the game but I just know there has to be a weakness to it.

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