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It says it's coming next year, so both XIII and XIV are coming in the same year? There seems to be an overload of FF games lately.

To be fair, FF14 is more a sequel to FF11 than an actual continuation of the main series. I don't think it's exactly an overload considering that they're two completely different games.

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What about Final Fantasy Agito XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and the new Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles games? It's like they all the sudden realized they can throw Final Fantasy on anything and it will sell a million units.

Yeah, those are all in the FF franchise, but those are all very different games. Agito is a PSP game, Versus is a Kingdom Hearts-style action game, and Crystal Chronicles is an Action RPG (technically Versus is also an action RPG, but they play pretty differently and have different worlds).

Square stopped making only one FF game a year a long time ago. Even if all the new games have the FF title (because they share a lot of in-universe traits), they're all separate sub-franchises.

There is a bit of overload with the XIII stuff, though. They're really trying to push the "Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy XIII" franchise forward with three separate games under the same umbrella. (which might be kinda cool if the world of XIII is really interesting)

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