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Guest dstroketheterminator

I'm new to the forums, so in order to get to know you better, what comic heroes and villains are your favorite? Note that this can be from any company, and is the HERO, not the book. So say you grew to love a character, but a hack writer came along and messed up their character, it is the traits that define them, not their current storyline. You don't need to go into detail about a character or what medium you prefer them in either, say you love the DCAU Flash, but couldn't give a rat's butt about him in the comics, or if you love the tragic Mr. Freeze, you despise Arnold's performance in Batman and Robin. I'll start off (Note that you aren't regulated to just 10, I'm just doing it for simplicity)

Heroes: 10. Barbara Gordon

9. Daredevil

8. Kyle Rayner

7. The Punisher

6. Superman

5. The Question (Vic Sage)

4. Captain America (Bucky)

3. Batman

2. Red Robin (Tim Drake)

1.Nightwing (Dick Grayson)









2.Ra's Al Ghul

1.Lex Luthor

Now that I think about it, there are tons of villains and heroes that I do love, maybe after seeing some of your lists I will have to edit mine. As for right now honorable mentions go out to

Heroes* DCAU Flash, Nightcrawler, Cassandra Cain, Hawkeye, Namor, and Starman.

Villians* Darkseid,Deadshot,Sinestro,Norman Osborn,Kingpin, DCAU Amanda Waller,Mystique, Music Meister and Crazy Quilt.

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Favorite Heroes

10.Optimus Prime

9. Iron Man

8. Dare-Devil

7. Thor

6. Hawk-Eye

5. Ice-Man

4. Robocop

3. Cyclops

2. Spider-Man

1. Captain America (Steve Rogers) duh


9. Bullseye

8. Joker

7. Hobgoblin

6. Shocker

5. Abomination

4. Sabretooth

3. Thanos

2. Megatron

1. Doctor Doom

Raised on Marvel comics, nothing intrigues me too much in DC's line up.

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