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One Piece is my most favorite anime/manga ever. It is also the most sucessful manga series in the world. (Except apparently in the U.S.)

Recently Eichiro Oda (the creator) was voted number four in a list of the "Most Revolutionary Manga Creators" by marketing research firm Oricon.

Quick synopsis:

"My treasure? If you want it, you can have it! I left it all in that one place."

The "Pirate King", Gol D. Roger's, last words about his great treasure "One Piece" sets off The Golden Age of Pirating. Twenty-two years later a teen by the name of Monkey D. Luffy sets off to become the Pirate King, and along the way meets tons of facinating characters while picking up crew mates.

This series has great action, fantastic adventures, hilarious humor, and lots and lots of tears. Seriously, you will end up crying at one point or other.

Three things:

1. I would really appreciate it if people signed this petition to get One Piece back on U.S. television. (Thanks to 4Kids, One Piece got a completely wretched/horrible/awful/my-f*cking-gawd-I-can't-even-describe-the-utterly-butchered-crap Dub.) But now that FUNimation is redubbing the whole series, I'd really like to see it get a new start! You can also view this neat campaign site.

2. You can watch episodes 1-138 (so far) dubbed or subbed here at the official site. They've also been doing simulcast since episode 391. What that means is that after an episode's aired in japan an HOUR later they post up the subbed version of that very same episode. (Which is Saturday 10:00pm EST btw.)

3. Although I do support Funimation, (I'm very glad they're bringing the series over to North America) I do suggest you watch the show subbed. I had a friend of mine watch the show too and they confirmed that the English speaking Luffy (the main character)'s voice is obnoxious (so it wasn't just a bias.) And that he sounded much better, and much more fun in Japanese.


Now that that's said... anyone watch STRONG WORLD yet?! (10th movie) It looks so wicked awesome, but I've been avoiding spoilers/images because I'm waiting to watch it properly on DVD. D: Aaaugh, but that's not until August 27! And I frequent/edit the One Piece Wiki so it's majorly difficult. Regardless... DUDE, IT LOOKS SO AWESOME.

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