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Hey folks,

I've begun seriously thinking of starting a podcast devoted to 2099.

It'd be called "2099 Bitmapped", where I and a co-host (or two) discuss the Marvel 2099 imprint and review and handful of comic issues each episode. The reviews could be set up one of two ways:

- A certain number of issues of a given title each time (Spider-Man 2099 #1 - #3, for instance)

- A publishing month's worth of titles each time. For instance, a certain month might have Spider-Man 2099 #4, Ravage 2099 #3, Doom 2099 #2, and Punisher #1. Yes this means the episodes would probably get longer as time goes on. But the advantage here would be to track the 2099 imprint's progress from beginning to end. And it would mean that we wouldn't have to review long uninterrupted stretches of the lamer titles.

I'm leaning toward the latter approach, but regardless, the idea would be to do a podcast about the best and worst of 2099 and everything in between.

So ... if anyone's interested, let me know. I'm looking for two co-hosts, total, as more than three people could make the show unweildly.

Prospective co-hosts must have Skype software, an ability to review and discuss 2099 with an objective eye as well as a fannish one, and an ability to speak clearly and distinctly. A sense of humor wouldn't hurt, either. Availability on Wednesdays is preferred, as I have that day off for the foreseeable future. The show could also be recorded late at night after 1am Central Time on pretty much any other night.

David Ellis

skype handle: wyze2099

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