Episode 05


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Like all good New Year's episodes, this one starts with a 10 and follows with a 1. In "The Blue Spirit," Aang is kidnapped by the newly promoted Admiral Zhao. In "The Fortuneteller," the Aang Gang needs to save a town from a volcanic eruption. And in "Bato of the Water Tribe," Katarra and Sokka meet a friend from back home, and Zuko and Iroh meet a bounty hunter named June. [ 53:55 || 24.9 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/avatarthelastpodcast/episodes/avatar_005.mp3

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I actually think that the Fortune Teller was a pretty strong episode. It was most likely filler to develop the characters, but there is a message behind it. That in a time of war, and a no avatar to keep balance, all you have is faith. I don't think they were trying to draw as much attention to the ignorance of the villagers, but rather to how the main characters (and the audience) thinks about life. In a later episode, "The Painted Lady," Katara poses as the painted lady so save the villagers. She could have done it herself, but didn't want to injure the faith of the town (Nor reveal her identity).


June the bounty hunter is one of those great characters that gets lost in the series. I love her design, the animal she rides. I wish she had a LOT more screen time.


The Blue Spirit was epic. No complaints about that one. Good action, mystery, and good character development. Also shows how humble Aang is. He still has hope for his enemies, even Ozai.

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