Episode 16


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I would buy the Dongle, sirs. :P

I honestly don't get the point of the PSP2. Yes, you're going to be able to play your PS games on your phone. This is awesome. The problem is that the screen is ALSO going to be the size of your phone. Also, I don't see how the analog sticks will work at that size, they were already hard enough to work on the PSP.

My eternal sympathies to you for the suffering you've undergone this week, Dubs. Especially in light of what's coming tomorrow.

Also, from what I've played on it in the demos (there haven't been a lot of characters playable to this point), Amaterasu's definitely going to be on my roster. Dante I might do if I'm looking to be a cheapass, but odds are Deadpool, X-23, and Phoenix are going to be rotating in and out for me. And, you know, figure out what other characters I want to play once all of them are playable. That too.

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As far as I can tell, the NGP won't actually be a phone, it'll just have 3G and Wi-fi for network purposes.

They absolutely had to do the dual analog thing, as that's been one of the most requested features for a while now. The new ones seem to be a bit more pronounced. Hopefully, they work better.

If it can ultimately realize the potential of the original PSP, namely, being what the DS isn't, a high end multimedia device with technology comparable to home consoles, they might be on to something. Ultimately, games and price point are going to be the deciding factor, and Sony hasn't been the greatest with either lately.

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Two things came out of the recent Sony press conference:

1. That Sony is bringing original Playstation games to Android phones and PSP2 with a framework called PlayStation Suite. It’s essentially an emulator and download service set to run on non-Sony products.

2. That Sony are making the PSP2 (or at this stage NGP).

The NGP is actually going to have a bigger screen than the original PSP, and the device itself will be bigger too, so I’m not too worried about the size of the dual analog sticks. Having sticks that actually stick out sounds great to me, and it looks like they improved the d-pad too.

They’ve pretty much given up on making this a portable device you can slip into your pocket, so they’re just concentrating on making it fancier. That’s not a bad thing, but man, I hope it get’s a decent lineup of games.

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