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Vanquish Motion Pictures has announced plans to develop the Bluewater Productions comic book series "The 10th Muse" for television.

The series, which launched in 2000, is based on the Greek myth of nine Godly muses and tells the story of Emma, a law student, who discovers that she is the long-lost tenth muse, the devine manifestation of justice.

"We're going to sink our teeth into Darren's treasure chest of storylines and spin them into a show that kicks ass with all the mystery and action the fans would expect," says VMP head and series producer Jay Douglas in the official announcement, which also offers a series description as follows:

The series will revolve around a group of budding law students starting a prestigious internship at the San Francisco's DA's office. At the heart is Emma Sonnet, who recently disappeared for a month in Greece and returns with no memory of her missing days. What she does come back with is a strange new gift, which drives her to pursue justice even to the point of bending or breaking the laws she’s devoted to serving. As Emma discovers her connection to the nine Greek Muses of antiquity, the underlying mystery of her power unfolds. Emma is the Muse of Justice – the "10th Muse."

Screenwriter Jennifer Quintenez will handle drafting duties on the pilot. She has previously written for the television series "Wicked Wicked Games" and made the Black List for her screenplay, Thrall.


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