Psypothic (Project Eden: Experience the Music Contest)

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Not exactly self-promotion, but close enough that I feel it's warranted in belonging here. My best friend and several other friends and acquaintances entered Project Eden: Experience the Music contest, in which they've entered thier own game. I think it's pretty great actually, and it would be pretty awesome if you took a look at it and gave it a try and rated it. Votes end tomorrow (June 24) so uh... hurry? Please? They're doing pretty well! In the top 15, but as it gets closer to the deadline everyone's gathering as much support as possible so I thought I'd drop a line at the earth-2 comm as well. Here's a following quote from said best friend:

Kongregate is partnering with Ubisoft to bring you the Project Eden: Experience the Music - a Music Game Contest inspired by the release of Child of Eden, the newest project from renowned game designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi. We challenge you to electrify the senses by creating a game that synchronizes music and unique gameplay.



We have spent the last two weeks working on Psypothic, a game about fighting through the music to before facing the terrible absolute!

Check out our game and rate it please! You have to sign up but the process is quick and painless!!! TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!







Don't be scared away at the "Register here"! It's seriously easy if you have a facebook account, and just took me two clicks, if you just use the side bar directly on the game page. Anyway, regardless of whether you rate or not, feel free to play. :)

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