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Okay, most of us want to see a new Super Smash Brothers released, whether it's on the Game Cube or Nintendo's new Revolution system. But when and if it's released, what're three new things you would really like to see on the game?

-Online, duh.

-- I'd like to see Nintendo team up with some other big name companies(Like Sega, Capcom and Namco) and get some of their characters to join in the game. Just imagine having battles like a Virtual Fighter character fighting a Street Fighter character. Mario vs Sonic. Viewtiful Joe vs Mega Man. Mario vs Sonic vs Pac Man vs Mega Man. Or if they can convince Square, Link vs either Sepiroth or Cloud.

--- A more detailed story mode. Not every character would have to have one, but it'd be interesting to have certain characters having a story, like where Sonic gets trapped in the Mushroom Kingdon and has to fight his way to get back his world. Leading to the inevitable fight between Mario and Sonic.

So what would everyone else want to see if you could only choose three new aspects of the game?

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